Pothole orgasms or vibrators….Ladies?

By no way are we taking this woman's condition lightly but it does make you think of ladies elsewhere wish it were that easy for them. Ok let me tell the story. A 61 year old East Dunbartonshire, Scotland widow whom only wants to be known as Marie, suffers from uncontrollable orgasms after a botched [...]


Forearm penis gives man kidney stones!

YIKES A 22 year old Portuguese transgender male whom transitioned from female to male in 2014, tried to go to the bathroom lately but couldn't. The problem; kidney stones in his penis which was grafted from his forearm. You heard me right, the penis was grafted from his/her forearm. University doctors diagnosed with urethral lithiasis [...]

Corey Booker vs Donald Trump the heavyweight fight of the year

On Monday, Senator, Corey Booker made the statement that sometimes his testosterone makes him feel like punching President Trump. He even went a step further by saying that an ex-college football player came and put his are around him and literally stated that he wanted him to punch Trump at an Iowa campaign event. Booker [...]

Man In Florida Gets An Involuntary Penis Reduction

This past weekend in Bell,FL a man named Alex Bonilla was arrested on a charge to rival that of Lorena Bobbitt. He had doubts about the fidelity of his wife. I guess he said since you have a side piece, I'll cut your sideman's PIECE OFF; literally. Bonilla,49, was arrested Sunday after breaking into the [...]

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